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Snap Spotlight: India Hobson

All images credit:  India Hobson

All images credit: India Hobson

When finalising the SNAP line up, I was really clear that I wanted to include a good selection of non-wedding speakers, to bring perspective that would enhance the skills of our attendees that do shoot weddings, and also to appeal to shooters from outside of the wedding industry.  

I looked at the skills or abilities our speakers have, that they can share, to inspire wedding shooters to see and do things differently.  How can we take their approach and use it to inspire our own work?

One of the wonderful things about India Hobson's work is its quiet contemplation.  Something you often don't get a chance to experience or utilise in the middle of a busy wedding shoot.

India works across different genres, from fashion and portraiture to documentary and still life and has been published in some of my favourite publications, including Oh Comely and Kinfolk magazine. 

India's work is thoughtful and engaging.  Everything from her portraits to fashion work features an air of realism and truth.  

In an interview for Fashion 156 she says

"I particularly love textured walls & fluorescent lighting and working within the constraints of what a location has to offer, reflecting a certain element of truth in my images rather than lighting the scene myself. If I think what is in front of me is beautiful then I will attempt to translate that rather than apply a light setup that will take away from what is already there"

I love her desire to see beauty in the every day. 

India's SNAP workshop will cover storytelling and how this influences her work across all genres.  I'm especially looking forward to seeing how she works with her subjects.  Her portraits of people, from the general public, to models for fashion editorials, maintain her strong and distinctive style and her subjects always look at home. 

She cites play and exploration as one of the most important aspects of developing a creative practice, stating

"If you approach something with a playful mind it’s inevitable that you might sometimes get it wrong, you learn more from mistakes than you do from successes"

This is so true and echoes the well known statement that growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  

India is another one of our speakers who has built a strong following on Instagram.  Her feed is a thing of beauty and you can check it out here.

You can read more about India and her work in the following interviews, and check out more of her work below.