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Iceland Dreams by Jacob Loafman

"My main goal while making photographs in Iceland was to shoot something a little different that we're used to seeing from over there. It's BEAUTIFUL so I definitely brought home some gorgeous landscape work and portrait work, but I still had the itch to create something more out of what I brought back.

I remembered my days of conceptual self portrait work and decided to open up a couple of photos that where I could combine the subject and a landscape into the same frame. That's how this all started. I was simply looking for something fun and different to do.


These 8 pieces of work are not photographs, but digital constructions of my imagination. Photography was definitely the main tool I used, but the camera and lens couldn't create what I was really seeing in my mind. I have always had these obscure thoughts or ideas in my mind, and this was the perfect opportunity to release those through these digital constructions.

I perform my best when I let my imagination run wild and I do not let fear get in the way. Not all of them have a narrative, meaning or story behind them. I simply wanted the viewer to jump into the piece and create their own story and question what's really going on, without me giving an answer. 

I've toyed with perception in a few. I've created a different world in another. I've placed the subject in a landscape that isn't accessible to a normal person. I've created a stillness in a couple. They are all a bit different. I wanted to play with people's minds by using my own. Have I achieved that? That is a question for the viewer, not for me. You to decide.  

All images (c) Jacob Loafman Photography.  Swing by Jacob's Iceland Dreams print shop to pick up one of these beautiful images.  

Jacob is one of our SNAP 2017 speakers and he'll be talking about his creative process, how he conceptualizes ideas and how to create in any space or location.