We're handing over to Madeleine Noble Jones today and she's going to tell us a bit about how to optimise your Pintrest profile.  Maddy offers business support, SEO help, copywriting services and marketing help to small businesses and she'll be sharing her knowledge on various topics on the blog.  Over to you, Maddy! 

Here are some tips on how to optimise your Pinterest profile! Why does your Pinterest need to be optimised? Because Pinterest is not a social network like Facebook and Twitter. Just because people pin or like an image it does not mean that it will appear on people’s home feeds. So how do you get found? 

  • Lots of people still have a personal Pinterest account rather than a business one. You’re missing out if this is you! Log in to your Pinterest account and go here to check.
  • The first point should ask you to do this but just checking, have you verified your website so Pinterest can give you your analytics? Here’s how to do that.
  • Do you ever wonder which images are pinned from your website? Here’s a very easy way to do that:

1. Type https://www.pinterest.com/source/YourWebsite.com/ into your browser. 

2. Replace YourWebsite.com with your URL. 

3. Save it to your Favourites/Bookmarks. 

4. Have a look round. Like the pins that others have pinned! Thank them!

5. Repeat step 4 regularly (add a note in your calendar!)

Go to your profile and look at your boards...

  • Are your board titles common search terms? Do they have spaces between letters e.g. L O V E or perhaps they have punctuation like {wedding} cake. You’re doing yourself a disservice as those boards will not appear in search results. Amend them to more specific terms to get found and get pinned.
  • Board descriptions - have you updated them to be clear about the content of your boards? I’m afraid “Stuff I Love” won’t cut it, but “Black and white urban wedding photography in London” will get you found!
  • Board categories - so many people get their pins missed on search results because they haven’t added categories to their boards. Go to the board you wish to update, click Edit, then choose the Category from the dropdown list.

That should give you a good chunk of homework…there’s plenty more coming, but in the meantime do let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great week!

Maddy x

About Maddie

Maddy’s fast becoming indispensable to us creative types. She’s the marketing and admin whizz you’ve been looking for as she pimps your blog posts by researching, linking, optimising them with renaming your images, adding ALT text and pinning them to your Pinterest boards. She’ll write or revamp your About pages, client packs and your social media profiles, leaving you to get back to what you love doing. Her services are reasonably priced and she’s very efficient. You can get in touch with her on hello@madeleinenoblejones.com