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How to get to West Wales for SNAP Photography Festival

West Wales?  Where the hell is that and how do we even get there?  If you're not based in Wales then West Wales can sound very far away and that's 100% intentional.  Just the experience of making the journey to SNAP forces you to step outside of your day to day life but if you're attending alone then you might be a little worried about the logistics. 

Well no fear!  Here's everything you need to know about travelling to SNAP.

travel to snap photography wedding photography workshop

Flights - It's often cheapest to fly into London (around 6 hours from the venue) if you're travelling internationally and then you can travel to Wales from there.  Alternatively you can fly into Cardiff, (around 2 hours from the venue)

Carpooling -  We have a really active community Facebook group and around a month before SNAP we start a car pooling thread.  With SNAPsters travelling from all over the country, you can usually find someone who can give you a ride from where ever you are.   

Train - If you're travelling from London you can get a train to Cardiff and then on to Clunderwen.  Clunderwen is a little request stop so if you're planning on getting a taxi from there you'll need to pre book.  We recommend Home James.    There is also a public bus from Clunderwen.  The next closest station is Aberystwyth.

Shuttle - we'll have a small shuttle with a limited number of spaces picking up from Clunderwen station at 12:00 and 14:00.  Tickets will be £15 and will be on sale around a month before SNAP.  Those on the 12:00 shuttle will be dropped at the nearest town and collected again at 3pm when check in opens.  

Car - if you are hiring a car or have your own car and have spaces available it'd be great if you could offer these to your fellow SNAPsters, in exchange for petrol money / snacks / excited sing alongs.   Please, please be aware that some of the roads in West Wales are narrow, winding and likely to involve being stuck behind a tractor.  Allow plenty of time for your journey!  

If you have any questions about travel that aren't answered above please drop us an email via our contact form!