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Giving Back at SNAP 2019: IDo

If last year’s SNAP was all about self-care, SNAP 2019 will be about giving back. With this goal in mind, we have partnered with the amazing collective created by talented photographer Emma Case and her husband Pete.

Here are some of the ways SNAP 2019 will be giving back:

  • SNAP 2019 will take place in a Summer camp for disadvantaged kids. Our hire fee will subsidise future camps for kids in the area. 

  • The bedding packs for attendees will then be donated to refugee and homelessness charities after SNAP.

  • We'll be doing a charity bike ride on site.

  • We will host a charity auction! Therefore we're looking for items. If you’re reading this post and would like to donate something, please get in touch at  50% of the funds raised will go to I Do and 50% will be allocated via an on site charity pitch night.

  • In addition to that, we will be also hosting an on-site food bank for people to donate items.

To find out more about IDO, go ahead and read this interview to Emma and Pete.

Hi, could you please tell us something about yourself and how was the IDo community born? 

Emma Case Photography consists of Emma and Pete, we live in Birmingham with our 3 year old boy Frank and 10 year old cat Maxïmo Park.
We have been shooting weddings for 10 years, running workshops for around 7 years and we’ve been very lucky to be invited to speak at various retreats and conferences around the world including A Bit More Soul in New Zealand, Fearless in Budapest, also in the UK at Nine Dots and SNAP in 2015, 2017 and now again in 2019! 

Along the way we have met the most wonderful, kind hearted, compassionate, creative people. At the core of everyone we meet is the glorious essence of community, all working collectively to bring about positive change, supporting each other on our own respective journeys. 

We always felt there was huge potential in our wedding community, and our wider 'online' community, to combine forces, resources and audience, so we wanted to create a community of people who we could call upon to work together to help other organisations, charities and none profits… to spread the love, the knowledge and the skills.


What does the IDo community do and how do you feel is different from other charities? 

The IDo Community is a collective, we are not a charity ourselves.
Our ethos fits under three fundamental categories...

IDO For others: where we help with charities and none profits. 
IDO For change: where we aim to make a positive difference to the wider world, eg encouraging the switch to a none plastic lifestyle, buying ethical clothing, promoting environmentally friendly causes etc.
IDO For self: where we make suggestions and recommendations for self care, this could be apps, exercises, mindfulness exercises.

We connect with organisations, who are doing incredible things either nationally or in their local communities and see where we can offer help to help them.
At the moment it is more financial, but eventually we would love to offer more specific, skills based help, either physically or creatively. Hopefully working together to find the best solution for them.

We take a monthly subscription from our members at the moment, it’s whatever people want to contribute, anything from £3 to £20 a month. Once we reach our target of £500 raised, we then take a vote from the members to decide who we would like to help.


Could you tell us about the causes you have supported so far? 

So far we have given £500 to Dementia UK, Kidscape the anti-bullying charity, we donated to the Freedom Acts charity, who fight to raise awareness and bring an end to modern slavery. We also used £500 to run a 'Down Memory Lane' session at a social care home in Liverpool, where we shared photos and stories with Liverpool fans about their memories of being a Liverpool supporter since the 1950’s.

For the last two years we have worked closely with a family refugee camp - Pikpa Lesvos Solidarity, in Greece. They have a large number of families with young children staying at their camp. They really wanted to provide a fun, kind and festive atmosphere for everybody over Christmas. So we created an Amazon gift list, including toys, bags, decorations, toiletries. We publicised the list in our wider community online. Everyone spread the love and before we knew it, it had gone crazy! Every single item came to our house! 

We sent over £3000 worth of gifts and decorations!
The iDO Community paid for the shipping to Greece, we managed to get them all repackaged into 6 large storage boxes and had them couriered to Lesvos in time for Christmas! Receiving the images from the camp of the children and families opening their gifts, wearing santa hats and having a lovely time has been absolutely heart bursting! It makes all of this worthwhile, just seeing the impact of kindness on others. We were able to do this two years running!

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How can someone support IDo and get involved? 

To support the IDo community you can go to our website and sign up for our mailing list, or you can subscribe. Once you have subscribed you will be be eligible to nominate charities and organisations you would like to help or suggest any causes we can work with in future.
We are very slowly growing. Our ambition for the future would be to hopefully build this up to become a national one stop shop of kindness, compassion, education, flash mobs and a call to arms all using the love and the will of the people! We do need a lot more support and man hours to keep it going and make this happen.

What about your partnership with us -SNAP- this year? 

We have been close friends of Laura and the Snap team since the very beginning. We have known Laura for almost 10 years now and have loved watching the seeds of her idea to create a relaxed and alternative photo retreat, then be transformed into an incredible loving, sharing community of creatives, who support each other.

This will be our third SNAP! 
At the very first one back in 2015 we spoke about our photography journey and finding sources of creativity. 
We then came back in 2017 to introduce the idea of the IDo Community and whether it could possibly work… 
and now in 2019 we are here to garner the love and compassion you guys have with our wider vision for what we can hopefully all achieve together as the IDo Community! 

Anything you'd like to add? 

We are super excited to introduce IDO to the SNAP audience and we just cannot wait to jump in feet first and meet every single person with a massive hug! One of us (Pete) will most likely be a permanent fixture on the dance floor! there's a good possibility our little boy Frank will be around to dish out knowledge, advice, dancing and cuddles too!

SNAP 2019 is almost here! We have only 3 tickets left…Join us now or never!

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