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Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars 2016

Header image by Eclection Photography

rangefinder magazine 30 rising stars 2016

Image by Igor Demba

Every year I write a post following the announcement of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography.  It's a world wide competition which showcases some of the amazing talent from across the global wedding industry and we've always managed to predicted one or two winners in advance, as there's usually a couple of our SNAP speakers among the winners list. 

Next year is no exception.  Two of our speakers are on the winners list and one of them just happens to be me, which is weird and wonderful all at the same time.  I wrote a little bit about being included as one of the 30 Rising Stars over on my own blog, if you fancy a read.  

babb photo award winning wedding photography

Image by Babb Photo

I am also thrilled that Jacob Loafman is on there with me.  I've know Jacob for a couple of years now and from the minute I met him I have always been in awe of his positive outlook on life, his determination and his boundless creativity.  Being friends with Jacob has pushed me to be more creative myself and he definetly inspires me, and a list as long as my arm of photographers who Jacob is a friend to and supporter of, to be true to ourselves. 

rangfinder 30 rising stars jacob loafman best wedding photography

Image by Jacob Loafman

Another winner that deserves a special SNAP mention is Lukas Piatek.  If you don't already know him for his crazy beautiful work, you will definetly know one of his hugely positive contributions to our industry, Looks Like Film.  While not on our SNAP speaker roster this year, Lukas has supported SNAP since the beginning both through attending and also by spreading the word.  He also joined us at a speaker at SUMMIT this year and I'm not kidding when I say he was one of our most popular sessions and then some.  You haven't seen the last of him at SNAP / SUMMIT events, that's for sure.  

lukas piatek looks like film rangefinder winner award winning wedding photos

Image by Lukas Piatek

And finally SNAP year 1 speaker, Nick Tucker.  All I have to say about his inclusion on this list is 'it's about time'.  For me Nick is one of the most unique voices in the wedding photography industry.  I always know one of his shots when I see it as he effortfully blends documentary story telling with editorial glamour, with a dose or wry humour thrown in for good measure.  He marches to the beat of his own drum and that's a really, really good thing for the industry.  

nick tucker award winning london wedding photographer

Image by Nick Tucker

Congratulations to the rest of the UK photographers who made the list.  Their amazing work is illustrating this post and I'm really, really proud of the UK wedding photography industry.    Congratulations to the rest of the winners from across the world too.  You can find links to their work below, so do go and check them out. 

paulo santos rangefinder 30 rising stars

Image by Paulo Santos

emotive award winning elopement photography rangefinder 30 rising stars

Image by The Hendrys

Adonye Jaja

Age: 34 | Resides: Denver, CO | Years in business: 4

Don + Helen
Ages: 31 (Don), 28 (Helen) | Reside: Canary Islands, Spain | Years in business: 2

Eclection Photography (Heather Shuker)
Age: 45 | Resides: London, England | Years in business: 3

Francesco Spighi
Age: 39 | Resides: Florence, Italy | Years in business: 1

Gian Carlo
Age: 44 | Resides: Orlando, FL | Years in business: 4

Hartman Outdoor Photography
Ages: 32 (Josh), 30 (Shelley) | Reside: In a traveling RV | Years in business: 3

Heather Liddell
Age: 29 | Resides: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand | Years in business: 2

The Hendrys
Ages: 32 (Darren), 29 (Sarah) | Reside: Forfar, Scotland | Years in business: 5

Igor Demba
Age: 29 | Resides: Peterborough, England | Years in business: 4

Jacob Loafman
Age: 32 | Resides: St. Louis, MO | Years in business: 1

Jean-Laurent Gaudy
Age: 37 | Resides: New York, NY | Years in business: 4

Jess Hunter
Age: 25 | Resides: Yakima, Washington | Years in business: 2

Joel & Justyna
Ages: 39 (Joel), 33 (Justyna) | Reside: Ottawa, Canada | Years in business: 2

Lato Photography
Ages: 32 (Tommy), 29 (Laura) | Reside: Modena, Italy | Years in business: 3

Laura Babb
Age: 36 | Resides: Bath, England | Years in business: 4

Lauren Scotti
Age: 28 | Resides: Orange County, CA | Years in business: 4

LOVE + WOLVES CO (Jacob Murphy)
Age: 31 | Resides: Brooklyn, NY/San Francisco, CA | Years in business: 5

Lucy Spartalis
Age: 32 | Resides: Melbourne, Australia | Years in business: 4

Lukas Piatek
Age: 30 | Resides: Bottrop, Germany | Years in business: 4

Marko Marinkovic
Age: 31 | Resides: Dubrovnik, Croatia | Years in business: 4

Nick Tucker
Age: 45 | Resides: London, England | Years in business: 5

Nicole Mason
Age: 23 | Resides: Portland, OR | Years in business: 3

Pablo Beglez
Age: 41 | Resides: Gran Canaria, Spain | Years in business: 4

Paulo Santos
Age: 40 | Resides: Northumberland, England | Years in business: 3

People TrueLove Tellers
Ages: 34 (Daniel), 32 (Gloria) | Reside: Miranda de Ebro, Spain | Years in business: 5

Rafal Bojar
Age: 32 | Resides: Warsaw, Poland | Years in business: 2

Rosey Red Photography (Ashley and Ben Kochanowski)
Ages: 29 | Reside: Columbus, OH | Years in business: 2

Sullivan & Sullivan Photography
Ages: 32 (Laura), 30 (Tim) | Reside: Seattle, WA/Chicago, IL | Years in business: 2

Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen
Ages: 30 (Nadine), 29 (Tim) | Reside: Wellington, New Zealand | Years in business: 3.5

With Love & Embers (Ryan and Jillian McGrath)
Ages: 30 | Reside: Annville, PA | Years in business: 4