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Friday High Fives

Hello again. Wedding season may be taking a toll on our poor heels, pinky fingers and waistlines, but we shared some exciting news over on the SNAP Facebook page this week.  Early Bird tickets are GO!  There are even some cheeky discount codes floating about the internet, so keep your eyes peeled.  

Here are some Friday High Fives to sooth your eyes. 

I don't know about you, but I love a Space Hopper. But don't be fooled by that cheery face, fail to show them the proper respect, and they will show you who's boss. Fabulous capture from Sophie Duckworth Photography.

This week Assassynation gave us a brilliant example of why we're so excited to have her speaking at Snap. She always goes the extra mile to tell the story, like this moment the bride and groom visited the bride’s grandma on the way to the reception because she couldn’t make the wedding due to ill health. We love that it didn't stop gran getting glammed up in her finest pearls for their visit too.  

What’s that? Just something in my eye… *sniff*

Another week, another award winning SNAPster, Jere Satamo was named in the July best photographer awards at for this picture. Delicious light and tones.  

We're still sneakily announcing our speakers over in the closed SNAP community Facebook group.  They know who around 75% of the speakers are already so you could ask one of them, if you're desperate to know. Kevin Mullins will be joining us and we love his quiet, observational documentary approach. 

We love this shoot by Lesley Burdett.  It was a collaboration with Aquabatix and we love them a bit.  We want to be synchronised swimmers when we grow up. 

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