SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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Friday High Fives

Hi Snap-fans, what are you up to?  We're just dandy, because we've been checking out our community's beautiful pictures.  

We might just have snuck in a picture from one of our 2016 speakers.  SHHHHHHHH.  The full line up is coming your way very soon!  

Big congrats to Marianne Chua on getting some top recognition this week from the Fearless Photographers gang. WELL DONE

Gabe McClintock's use of light blows us away time after time.  

Maria Farrelly captured this tender moment in the stands at Swansea City Football ground. Up the Swans!

Jillian has been keeping us waiting far too long for another IWULT, but she has a new one up! Another great photoshoot in this inspiring series.

Sarah London was visited by the lens-flare fairy this week. To quote someone in our SNAP community group, it's like they're standing on a rainbow.  We love the processing too!