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Friday High Fives

Five fabulous things our SNAPsters have been up to this week.  

Nick Tucker's been to Iceland.  Not the super market, as someone pointed out in the SNAP group.  It's nice to see his take on it, as it's been very popular as a photography location over the last year. 

A few of our SNAPsters went to Glasto and we were insanely jealous.  Richard Savage even did an engagement shoot there.  We're green with envy! 

This is probably cheating a little bit as Alice works for me, over at Babb Photo but I think she deserves a high five.  SNAP is all about growth and development and Alice came to me with hardly any experience of weddings and now she's shooting weddings on her own and making work that, frankly, I'm a bit jealous of.  

What's not to love about this jubilant bride hitting the dance floor with her friends? Captured by Katherine Ashdown

More shape throwing.  We don't know what's going on here but we love it when couples and photographers don't take themselves too seriously.  This fun shot is by Kari Bellamy and if we're not mistaken it was taken at The Barbican, one of our favourite London spots.