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Friday High Fives

Hi, there Snapsters... there's something in the air... can you feel it?

Autumn is here! Golden leaves, low sun in the late afternoon, popping the heating on for the first time in 4 months, being able to shoot a first dance in actual darkness! Luxury.

Check out what our SNAPsters have been creating this week. 

We love this honest moment by Krishanthi and we'd 100% be doing the same too. 

This image from WhiteSmoke Studio is like a work of art, every subject perfectly placed and rendered like it has been in the planning for months.

Love this personal shot Eleanor Joy took of her sister and brother in-law. You'll be an auntie soon!

Woah! Beards, reflections, sunset... it's all there in this shot by Ross

Another sign of autumn, rain, rain, rain and more rain. But even rain can look good if you have a couple who don't mind getting a little soggy. Nice one Lukas.