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Friday High Fives

Sharing five wild and wonderful things our SNAP community have been up to this week. 

Shelley Richmond knocked it out of the park with this beautiful, ethereal self portrait. 

Nick Tucker's been getting his fashion on and I love the results.

Alex James created this magical first dance shot.  Timing, framing and use of the available light all came together to create a whole load of awesome. 

Andy Gaines has been making magic in the Lake District, at the same location where we'll be holding our SNAP reunion later this year.  We can't wait to check out these views.

And finally Richard Savage has been using his camera for one of its most important possible functions, recording his own family life.  As professional photographers we are often so focussed on other people's moments that we forget to record our own.  We love this picture of Richard's son learning to surf.