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Friday High Fives

It's Friday and than can mean only one thing: Friday High Fives

In news this week we've extended the deadline for our Win A Place at SNAP competition because, as one of our SNAPsters quite rightly pointed out, it's right in the middle of wedding season and giving you more work to do is actually quite mean.   You now have until mid October to get your entries over to us.  

We're now more than 50% sold out and we've sold as many tickets as we sold in total last year (yaaaaay!) so do head over to our shop if you're thinking of buying a ticket. 

So on to the High Fives.  This week's High Fives are all from our SNAPsters, to celebrate the launch of our SNAP's Got Talent competition

This shot by Alex blew. us. away. 

We have no idea what these guys are up to but we love it.  Great capture, Kerry

We could have picked a number of Jacob's shots this week. His constant drive to come up with creative concepts is very inspiring. 

Kari's ring shot has a bee in it.  Bzzzzzzzzz.  

This Eiffel Tower double exposure by Rebecca is just magical.  

This portrait by Rowan ticks all of our boxes.  Simple, graphic, joyful and with a pop of colour.  Lovely.