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Five Minute Portrait Challenge

It's the end of another busy week and we've been going through our SNAPsters pictures from The Snap Reunion which took place in The Lake District earlier this month.  You can check out the highlights here if you haven't seen it already.  It makes us even more excited to see everyone again in 2016. 

While we were in the Lake District we held a five minute portrait challenge.  Participants each had five minutes in a room with Lauren, our subject, and they could use anything in the room, as well as a large reflector.  It was a great exercise in creatively reacting to the environment and thinking on your feet.  

The winner gets a £50 voucher for the shop of their choice.  Scroll down to find out who won and check out all of our entries below. 

And the winner is Shelley Richmond.  We love the mood, the serenity in Lauren's face and the engagement between subject and camera.  Well done Shelley!