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Experiments on Film by Liam Warton

liam warton wedding photographer 35mm film

Words and pictures by Liam Warton

My name is Liam Warton and I am a film photographer based in Stockholm. I picked up my first camera 5 years ago and I have been shooting ever since. The biggest take away for me so far has been to keep experimenting and be curious about the craft of photography, not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing/ the correct way of shooting etc...

These two got hitched 10 years back in Thailand and did the whole traditional posy wedding photo thing. So this time around they were keen to do something different and wanted to create some art that they could hang on their walls. So I invited them out to my studio for an afternoon session to make the most of that beautiful afternoon light. I shot the whole session on 35mm film and I experimented with different effects such as light leaks, film soaks and developing the images in expired chemicals.

I'm not really one for planning out things too much, I rather rely on being inspired and finding something that works in the moment.  I experimented with a bunch of light leaks with this session and I overexposed a good majority of my film doing so. I probably lost about half my shots!

Gear used:

Canon ae1
Olympus pen ee
Kodak Colour Plus
Some rolls of expired film