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A beautiful disaster by S6 Photography

Words and images by S6 Photography

I’m not really sure I have the words to correctly describe Katy and Richard’s Sheffield wedding. What started as a seemingly normal and lovely wedding, quickly turned into a wedding disaster, and then turned into probably one of the most special and memorable days I’ll ever be part of. Maybe next time when you think a wedding nightmare is the flowers being the wrong colour, or the weather being ‘too hot’, or hair being not quite so perfect….remember these two and how they embrace a real wedding disaster. People make a wedding, not the weather, the flowers, the photos, the food. The people. I have so much love for Yorkshire people right now.

Shout out’s to these people who went above and beyond..

Wentworth Castle Gardens
Joy at Unique wedding planning
PJ Taste
First Sight Video

The Bridesmaids for embracing the awesome towards the end and every other person who came together to save their wedding.