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7 Days of SNAP day 6 Support the I Do Community!

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This afternoon's prize is a little bit different.  There's still an awesome prize available but it's being donated by the I Do Community, so by sharing details of today's competition you're raising awareness for an amazing cause.    Before I tell you all about it, make sure you've checked out the other prizes we've offered so far!  You can enter them all until the 11th March! 

Win a six month subscription to Flying Vinyl
Win a Human States of Mind poster from Department Store for the Mind
Win an enquiry brochure design package from Peter Wilbourne design
Win a Wordpress theme from Flothemes
Win a Super Stage ticket to The Photography Show
Win back issues of Catalyst Wedding Magazine and a Wokeish t-shirt
Win a ticket to Un-Convention in April
Win a £500 voucher for Grizzly Bear design
Win a set of LOAF presets from Tribe Archipelago and Jacob Loafman
Win a set of Fractal Filters
Win a sample album of your choice, 10% off your first order and a ticket to SUMMIT 2017 with QT Albums

So on to I Do.  Emma Case and Peter Smyth have been an integral part of my own photography journey.  I'm part of their Welcome Home community and they've been a big inspiration to me in the time I've been a photographer.  They spoke at the first ever SNAP and they're a hugely positive force in the wedding photography world.  Outside of that though, they're people who want to make a difference and their recently launched I Do Community aims to do just that.  I'll let them tell you about it in their own words:  

photography charity emma case i do community

Image by Andy Gaines

Both me and Pete have been given so much by this wonderful community we have found ourselves in.  Strong friendships have been made.. offers of help and ferocious support.  A bed to stay in.. a shout out for our current workshop or project.. money has been raised.. the word has been spread.  We are so thankful for everyone and know that this wonderful community of ours is a bit darn special.  So the idea to bring all this goodness together.. to collectively focus on standing as a group and giving back.. we knew we had to get everyone all in the same room.. (well a virtual room).. to connect the dots.. to make it available.. to give us all a chance to DO more..

And that’s how IDo  The was born.  The IDo Community is a place where members of the online community can give their time, skills and profile to actively support, raise funds and create awareness for various charitable projects and causes.  We want to use this network, this wonderful community of such huge hearts and amazing skills and influence.. to make some positive changes and to hopefully make a difference..

We will be offering options that suit everybody in terms of skills, time, commitment and funds.. so that everyone has a way of getting involved.  Whether that's simply signing up to become an IDo member and pledging a small amount of money a month, being part of our Instagram flashmobs, volunteering your time and skills to one of our HOTPOT DESIGN projects, sharing our posts on social media, donating a % from selling your product or service, holding your own IDo coffee morning or donating a print to our PRINT SHOP.. ..there are plenty of ways to get yourself involved!

Our two main strands to IDo are our HOTPOT DESIGN PROJECTS and £1000 CHARITIES

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Our HOTPOT DESIGN PROJECTS involves a group of volunteer creatives working alongside a non-profit organisation, helping them to produce up-to-date online content to help spread their message.  With a three month deadline we work with each non-profit to collect all the content for their new site.. ready for the HOTPOT LAUNCH DAY where the whole group comes together to build the new website in just one day.  Heading to a different city each time.. our ambition is to create four hotpot teams to work with four non-profits.. all coming together on launch day which will finish with a showcase of each website and video.. and maybe a glass of wine.. or two.

Our '£1000 charities’ is more about fundraising cold hard cash.  It’s our way of helping as many different charities and non-profit organisations as possible.  Each time our funds reach £1000, members are given the opportunity to nominate a charity of their choice.  All members then get to vote on who will receive the money and the member who nominated that charity gets to give the £1000 on behalf of the IDo Community.  The beauty of this is the more members we have, the quicker we will reach that £1000 and the more charities we will be able to gift the money to.


We are SO excited about this one!

The IDo PRiNT SHOP is a selection of limited edition prints from different photographers in our wonderful community.  Fine art prints printed on beautiful photo rag paper with the option to frame too.  Each artist will donate one of their prints with all proceeds heading to IDo.  By collaborating we want to celebrate the artist, give us all a chance to own some beautiful imagery and products.. and also give back at the same time.  We are so happy to be partnering with the amazing Digitalab who are also kindly offering a monthly special edition of a print of our choice on Hahnemuhle paper.. 

If you’d like to donate a print.. Please send the image (high res) in an email titled PRINT SHOP to and name your file YOURNAMENAMEOFPRINTe.g. EMMACASEORANGERY.jpg

And this.. we hope is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have plans for our own IDo social enterprises that benefit local communities, we want to hold national coffee mornings, Instagram flash mobs.. maybe even an IDo wedding.  The possibilities are endless!  We are so excited (and shit scared) about the potential of this community and what we hope is that as IDo grows, so do our ideas, our projects, our fundraising and our reach.  But to do this.. what we reeeeeally need is YOU.  To make this work we need everyone to show up.. to SIGN UP!  We are going to need people to give up their time, offer their skills, promote things on their social media, work as a community...

..and together we might just make something pretty amazing.. 

To get involved please make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list..  We are currently busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for peeps to be able to join us as an IDo member and to officially launch things like our first HOTPOT project and the PRINT SHOP.  So sign up and you’ll be the first to know when things are ready to go!

Thank you Emma and Pete!  Please do take the time to get involved and share this with anyone who'll listen, if you can.  Scroll down to find out how you can win a framed 12x16 film print on beautiful photo rag matte paper, from the I Do print shop.  

 The prize is a 12x16 film print on beautiful photo rag matte paper, from the I Do print shop.  

·     Closing date 11th March 2017 at 11:59pm

·     Winners agree to be featured on and in any associated publicity

·      No prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered

·     Winner will be selected by Snap Photo Festival via Gleam

·     By entering the draw, you agree that all information submitted by you is true

·     The winner will be contacted via email failure to respond may result in forfeiture of the prize