SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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This is not a workshop, this is not a camping trip.

Image credit:  Conor MacNeill

Image credit: Conor MacNeill

This is not a competition.  We're told that over and over.  There is room for everyone.  We can support each other.  We all have something different to offer.  And yet cliques exist.  It's natural that they do.  People gravitate towards their tribes; their people. 

So what if you haven't found your tribe yet?  What if you haven't found your people?  The supportive community that you can ask for advice when the loneliness of working from home has magnified a tricky issue into an insurmountable problem.   

What if you have found them but you need more.  A wider safety net.  More cheering voices to tell you you're on the right path.  A deeper level of understanding.  

With workshops, conferences and summits there is no shared experience.  You are there on an unequal footing.  Teachers teach from afar and then retreat to their own tribes.  The formality of a conference set up lacks the immersive environment that's needed for spontaneity.

At SNAP your teachers share the experience with you.  We all eat together.  We all sit around the camp fire together.  We immerse ourselves in a creative environment for three days and four nights.  

We share an experience and we walk away, at the end of it, with a new tribe.  A tribe that will carry on supporting us long after SNAP 2015 is a speck on the horizon of our memories.   A tribe that will come together regularly, a tribe that will share work and advice and a tribe that will help each other to continue to grow.

There are workshops, yes.  You'll learn from some of the best in the world.  There will be a mixture of practical skills, inspiration and approaches to challenge your thinking.  But the real good stuff, as with all things, happens in between. 

You make a friend.  You share a story.  You shoot some personal work that feels magical. You thoroughly unwind before the start of a busy season.  Something clicks into place that wasn't there before. 

SNAP is not a workshop.  SNAP is not a 'camping trip'.  SNAP is not a conference.  SNAP is the chance to be a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.  

I think about this festival as a family reunion. I think we will be way more than just photographers there, we will be a community. We will walk on the same path for a moment and that’s what’s beautiful about it.
— Ambre, attendee

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