SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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Two weeks until SNAP!

Images by Nick Tucker unless stated otherwise

Images by Nick Tucker unless stated otherwise

We're so close. 

It's nearly time.

Our awesome goodie bags are being printed as we speak, ready for a wine fuelled production line next week.  We'll be filling them with fun things, useful things and SNAPPY things. 

Meal plans are finalised and we'll be looking forward to locally produced, home made food including pork and veggie pies, locally produced cheeses, chilli, soups, fresh home made bread and jams, hearty deserts, vegetables and salad grown in Fforest's garden, BBQ, home made cake and tea and eggs straight from the farm.  

The on site pub is stocked with locally produced craft ales, wines and spirits. 

Accommodation is nearly allocated.  

Our SNAPsters are chatting merrily away in the group, making connections, wondering about digitally detoxing, half panicking and half rejoicing about being away from their computers.

Speakers are putting the final touches to their presentations and workshops, and we're finalising logistics for wild swimming, gorge walks, dawn styled shoots, camp fires and parties.

The 'what would you love to hear at the party' thread in our group is already full of excellent suggestions. 

The pre-party beauty bar is ready to go.

SNAPsters have their packing lists and they're getting ready to make their way to us from the US and all over Europe.  

We're seriously excited. Seriously. 

We still have a couple of residential tickets left and you KNOW you want to join us

Kicking things off on Monday evening we'll have Cathy Haynes - artist, co-founder of the School of Life and I am really, really excited about her workshop.  It's designed especially to help with creative blockages and stuckness, so it's perfect to challenge you and get your creative juices flowing before the rest of the week's events. 

"As creative professionals, our role is to keep generating imaginative ideas and ingenious solutions. But conventional ideas about what it takes to be professional, productive and efficient can hinder rather than help creative energy.This interactive session is a chance to experiment with strategies that run counter to the orthodoxy on how to get things done. We’ll explore attitudes and practices that can help when we feel short on ideas, uninspired by a brief, low on creative confidence or just plain exhausted. In the process we’ll discover how unlearning what we know and welcoming limits can liberate our creative capacity"  

#snapphotofest : we're so close.  See you in the Fforest.