SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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SNAP Spotlight - Kevin Meredith

One of our key objectives when selecting our SNAP speakers was to provide a kick arse line up of some of the best wedding shooters in the world, but also to look outside of the wedding industry for people who can bring something different to the table.  Photographers who operate in a completely different world to the world we operate in as wedding shooters. 

The wedding photography industry can be very inwardly focussed and I firmly believe that taking inspiration from photographers from the commercial, documentary, editorial and fine art world can only benefit us and help us to grow as wedding photographers. 

I first came across Kevin Meredith aka Lomo Kev through his involvement with Phoot Camp and have been following him on Twitter for some time.  

Kevin started out shooting raves and parties, after discovering photography at college.  He then discovered the Lomo  LC-A and that started his love of lomography.  He's since worked as a commercial photographer and educator,  as well as shooting personal work like his Brighton Swimming Club series.  He has also published three books.  

One of the things I love about Kevin's work is his distinctive voice.  He became well known as one of Flickr's most well known contributors, he's created work for clients from The Times to Doctor Martins and he is passionate about his personal projects.  

Some photographers aesthetic for commissioned work is completely different to their personal work but Kevin's style is a strong, unifying thread that runs through out all of his projects. 

Kevin's SNAP workshop is going to be one of our most fun and practical, as he'll be teaching us how to create stop motion films using Trigger Trap remotes.  He'll also be available to book for a 121 session if you want to pick his brains about his commercial work or any other aspect of his shooting style. 

You can read more about Kevin and his photography journey  here on The Photographic Journal and check out his work below.