SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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New speakers announced! NSFW

Credit:  Nick Tucker

Credit: Nick Tucker

As if the excitement of our #7daysOfSnap competition last week wasn't enough, we're bringing you some changes to the line up.  

Sadly India Hobson is no longer able to join us in the Fforest, for personal reasons that we 100% support.  We very much hope that's she'll re join Team Snap for a future event and wish her all of the best. 

We do have a couple of amazing people to replace her though, both of whom have been specifically selected for the uniqueness of their approaches and work. 

First up is Nick Tucker.  I have been a long time admirer of his work, as someone who is carving a very distinct path.  With most other photographers you can think of someone who has a style that's a bit similar but, honestly, I can't think of anyone who shoots quite in the way that Nick does. 

His use of hard light, his propensity to get right in the thick of the action, and his presentation of the chaotic alongside the beautiful really does give his work a unique perspective.  

He'll be teaching two workshops - one covering his approach to shooting weddings and one covering his fashion work. 

Our second addition to the line up is Jillian Powers.  Jillian is based in the US and when she told me she wanted to come to SNAP as an attendee, I pretty much begged her to speak about her I Woke Up Like This project.

I think it's one of the most inspiring bodies of work I have seen in a long time, because it focusses on body positivity and the naked female form without the objectification that is so prevalent in the media.  

The women who Jillian photographs share their stories and tell us, frankly and candidly, how they feel about their bodies.  And Jillian listens to those stories, whilst photographing these women and making them feel beautiful and, most importantly, normal. Jillian's images are photoshop-free and show the bodies of women of all shapes and sizes. 

At SNAP she'll not only be talking about the project but also scheduling time to photograph any of our SNAPsters who would like to take part in I Woke Up Like This.

This is a passion project for Jillian and she is currently fund raising to take it on tour. Please do donate if you can.

And last but not least. Me!  Quite a few people have asked me to speak and quite a few people have asked for some business related content, so I thought I'd combine the two and facilitate a Business Brainstorming session.  It'll be a peer to peer round table (or camp fire!) discussion, where we share our approaches marketing, SEO, social media, workflow and other business related topics.  I'll tell you how I run my business, you'll tell me how you run yours and we'll generate some ideas to take away with us.  I may also have a few experts joining me to impart their wisdom on the various topics. 

I'll also be offering my own secret sessions if you want to pick my brains about any other aspect of Babb Photo, like how I shoot and how I find my clients. 

So that takes us up to 19 awesome speakers.  Who are you most looking forward to seeing?  Swing by our ticketing page and secure your ticket for the hottest photography event of 2015!