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Inspired and Inspiring: Still Blog

I love looking at projects like this with very defined parameters.  To work in this way, especially given that it's a project that is shot daily, takes a tremendous amount of discipline but Mary Jo Hoffman, the photographer behind STILL blog, has been shooting a still life every day since 2012.

Her subject matter is natural, found objects and she shoots them using available light, a white paper backdrop and a Canon Rebel T1i.  You can read more about the approach and technique here

A project like this becomes almost mediative and Mary Jo says that one of the joys of STILL is being present where ever she is, as she scours her environment for objects to incorporate into STILL. 

I know from my own iphone 365 project, which is in its infancy at only six weeks old, I am certainly more aware of my environment. I stop in my tracks more.  I look harder. I can only imagine that Mary Jo's eye has developed over time, along with an instinctive understanding of what will work and what won't. 

I love the minimal aesthetic and looking at each object outside of its normal context enables you to appreciate its beauty.  Order is brought to the chaos of the natural world, in the way that Mary Jo presents each found object.  

Find Mary Jo on Pintrest and Instagram