Friday High Five - The Junebug Best of the Best Special

Junebug Weddings' annual announcement about their Best of the Best is always exciting. They really do showcase the best wedding imagery from around the world.  Out of thousands of submissions they narrow the collection down to just 50 images, so we are thrilled for our SNAP speakers Andy Gaines and Sara from Dylan and Sara who made the list.  

It's a truly epic achievement so this week's Friday High Five is dedicated to them and you can see their amazing images below, along with a couple of other favourites from the winners.  

There were WAY more than five that we could have shared. In fact we probably could have called this week's post Friday High Fifty and just bunged the lot in, however we were good and stuck to five. Oh ok eight.  We stuck to eight.  Happy Friday. 

 Credit:  Andy Gaines

Credit: Andy Gaines

 Credit: Sara from  Dylan and Sara

Credit: Sara from Dylan and Sara

 Credit:  Jeff Cooke
 Credit:  Jonas Peterson
 Credit:  Liam Collard

Credit: Liam Collard

 Credit:  Alison Williams
 Credit:  Ed Peers

Credit: Ed Peers

 Credit:  Adam Johnson

Credit: Adam Johnson