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Competition Finalists - Vote for Your Winner!

Over the last couple of months we've been running a competition to win a place at SNAP, the UK's first festival for photographers.  The prize includes a ticket to the inaugural SNAP which is taking place from the 13th to the 17th April 2015, and the prize includes a festival pass with access to all of our workshops, activities, events and happenings, along with food, accommodation and entry to our kick arse closing party.  You can find out more here

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition.  Each and every entry was amazing, personal and lovely and narrowing them down to a shortlist of four was impossible, so I asked for some input from the SNAP community

If you entered but haven't been shortlisted, we'd love to offer you a 10% off the cost of any SNAP ticket, as a thank you for taking the time to create your wonderful entry.  Please get in touch via email and we'll let you know how to access the discount. 

So on to our finalists.  You can see their entries below and it would be great if you'd take a few minutes to vote for your favourite, by leaving a comment with their name, and a few words about why you think they're awesome.  


We particularly love that Ambre asked her clients to tell us that she should come to SNAP and that they were all so happy to support her.  How wonderful is it that one of them even used their message to let Ambre know that they're expecting a baby?  

To vote for Ambre simply leave her name below in the comments, along with a sentence or two about why she should win.


We love the aesthetic of Ellie's entry.  In fact we could probably use some of the footage to make a SNAP promo film!  It's beautifully put together, feels the most professional and polished of all of the entries and watching it makes me feel really excited for SNAP.  

To vote for Ellie leave her name in the comments, along with a sentence or two about why she should win. 


Jessica's entry can be found here.  We couldn't embed it in the post because of the hosting platform, but do pop over and have a look.  We love Jessica's story and the SNAP community felt she would really benefit from a place at SNAP, to help her to grow her business, now that she's using photography to support her whole family. 

The transcript of her entry is below. To vote for Jessica leave a comment with her name, letting us know why you think she should win. 

"Hi, I'm Jessica. Why am I worthy? 
Well, here's my story, it's sad but true, about a girl that I once knew. She took pictures and ran around, never put that camera down...
This was my first camera It belonged to my grandpa, Irving. He was a doctor in the army and loved taking pictures. He was quite good at it. He also played professional baseball, he was good at that too.
He is still alive and still loves taking pictures even though he is 96.
I went to university in America. Whilst I was there I learned a lot about fine art photography. In the year 2000 I went to graduate school at The Slade. I met a really lovely man and fell in love. We got married.
We moved to California and I was all ready to start my career as a photographer.
I took pictures.
I played with baby goats (and took videos of them apparently)
I taught photography and old people with developmental disabilities how to paint.
It was all very rewarding. But something changed...
My husband's left eye started to droop and water. He started having these extreme sharp pains on one side of his head and face. We started going to see doctors and they all had different opinions but, nothing was getting better.
In fact it got worse. Pretty soon he was in severe pain all the time, and had become very thin. He could no longer work and we lost our health insurance. 
But a good thing happened too. Since we had a little one to look after we decided it was time to make the trip back to the UK
Over here, my husband got a diagnosis, Paroxysmal Hemi-crania, and chronic migraine. It will never go away. 
I realized that I needed to get back in the game to support my family.  Family Boss.
But, I found I was a little behind the times. I was an old dog. I need some new tricks, fresh inspiration, a learning environment to get me in a position to take care of business.
I have been working hard to get better but getting a chance to learn from the best is what I need. Working hard. Hard work. More working hard. Viva Snap Photography Fest!"


Last but not least is Jaye's entry. The effort she's gone to is phenomenal and this film really made us chuckle.  The selective colour!  Watch it all the way through to see what we mean.  To vote for Jaye leave her name in the comments, along with a little bit of detail about why you think she should win. 

Please do leave a comment below, telling us who you think should win.  Voting closes on the 15th of January.