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SNAP: The Schedule So Far

Credit:  Andy Gaines

Credit: Andy Gaines

The word on the SNAP street is that you're all just dying to know what the schedule is going to look like. You're almost as bad as me when I revert to my five year old self in the run up to Christmas, and demand my presents early! I can't say I blame you though, so we have decided to give you your own early Christmas present and share details of the schedule with you RIGHT NOW. 

There won't be any major changes in terms of the main speakers but we will be adding even more awesomeness, surprises, activities and happenings.  We're beavering away behind the scenes to confirm the finer details and we'll have the final schedule for you at the end of January.  How exciting! 

In the mean time, highlighter pens at the ready.  You can download and print a copy of the schedule here or have a little look below. 

If you haven't already bought your ticket you find everything you need to know over on our info page and you can apply to join us here.  Yeah! 

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