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Inspired and Inspiring: The Do Lectures

Image credit:  Emma Case and Pete Smyth

During our visit to Fforest I met Kate. Kate told me about The Do Lectures

I lost hours pouring over the talks on the website.  

I found The Do Blog and The Do Book Co.  I spent hours pouring over them too. 

I love everything about the Do movement.  

The say "In 2008, The DO Lectures was born, in an inexplicable cross section between a festival and a conference. There were no name badges, no bad coffee and impersonal, draughty lecture halls. Instead, an intimate number of speakers and attendees gathered under canvas on the west coast of Wales and shared the whole three day experience as a community. They ate together, camped together, shared a beer around a fire as the sun went down together. That intangible but very real spirit is kinda what makes us different from everything else. The sodality of it all"

I like the sound of that a lot. In face it's like SNAP and Do were separated at birth. 

All of the talks from Do Wales, Do Australia and Do USA are available to watch on their vimeo channel.  They add a new talk every week, so do check back.  

Here are a few to get you started. 

Tickets for the next Do Wales are now on sale.  I'd be there with bells on if I didn't have a wedding that weekend.