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Inspired and Inspiring: 5 things to kick off your 2015

Header image credit: Dallas Clayton

Happy New Year.  I hope you had a lovely holiday season?

Now let's be frank for a minute.  Are you feeling inspired, revved up and ready to go or are you feeling a bit "January"?  In lots of the photography groups I'm part of people are sharing their feelings about the new year and I think a lot of people are finding it tricky to get motivated.

I know the feeling.  After a jam packed year photographing weddings and a pretty busy Christmas and New Year visiting friends and family, I feel like I haven't really had any down time.  And yet here we are, in January, with a whole mountain of goals to be conquered.  

If you run a photography business no doubt your mind will be on tax returns, business planning, hustling to book jobs to fill your 2015 calendar and generally pushing your business forwards. You might have other projects on the side.  You might have personal goals or goals for your family life and now really is the time to focus and get a plan in place to achieve them, before you get swept away by 2015.  

The time of year, when feeling inspired is crucial, it can be hard to feel motivated so I though I'd share some things that might help you dig deep and find the reserves you need to get going.  

1)  Watch this video of Dallas Clayton's talk at Field Trip

I've talked before about Field Trip and how it was basically the catalyst for starting SNAP.  I loved that the first talk at Field Trip had no direct relation to photography at all and yet it was one of the most inspiring things all weekend.  We have something similar planned for SNAP, where we'll have Cathy Haynes from the School of Life talking about creative counter strategies, idea generation and removing creative blockages.   

2) Make resolutions

Resolutions. Goals. It's a great idea to map out where you want to go and how you might get there.  Don't forget to make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound).  

3) Hack your to do list

4) Remember The Gap

5) Remember you're human

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