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Snap Spotlight: Emma and Pete

All images credit:  Emma Case and Pete Smyth

All images credit: Emma Case and Pete Smyth

I don't know where to start when it comes to these two.  I first met them in real life when I did their Welcome Home workshop nearly two years ago and knowing them and being part of the Welcome Home community has had a massive impact on me. 

When I attended the workshop I felt stuck and a bit lost.  I'd fallen into shooting what I thought other people wanted to see, rather than being true to myself and shooting in a way that made me happy.  I walked out of the Welcome Home workshop with a renewed passion and a pact with myself that I would try my very best to shoot the world as I see it. 

With many workshops you attend, you walk away from them having learned a new skill but your experience ends there.  With Welcome Home you become part of a supportive and sharing online community that supports you to grow, and that also meets at least once a year for a camping trip that we call Welcome Break.  It's one of the highlights of my year. 

Mille and Jo are another couple of Welcome Home graduates (or 'Homies)

Mille and Jo are another couple of Welcome Home graduates (or 'Homies)

In terms of Emma and Pete's work, Emma was pretty much one of the first photographers I discovered when I started my first tentative steps into the wedding industry.  

She was one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography last year and has also won various awards.  

As for Pete, he's a talented photographer in his own right and an integral part of their business.  

Together they are all about shooting what's real.  Stories.  Incidental and in-between.  

Epic moments happen naturally as part of a wedding and any wedding photographer worth their salt can capture them.  

Understanding relationships, seeing subtle meaning and making the mundane look beautiful takes a different kind of skill. 

To some extent all photography is about relationships.  The relationships between people, the relationship people have with their environment or the relationship people have with the things that they keep close to them.  Emma and Pete's work captures this in all its glory.

In their own words "we are stupidly passionate about people, telling their stories, listening, investing and feeling connected with what we do and we are equally passionate about giving back and helping others to do the same..

We have chosen to dream big.. to live outside of our comfort zone and to be grateful for every adventure that comes our way…"

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We can't wait to welcome Emma and Pete to snap.  Teaching aside they have a brilliant energy and we know that Pete will be one of the first people on the dance floor at our closing party.  And probably the last to leave.  

See more of Emma and Pete's work over on their SNAP speaker page or find them on the web / facebook / emma's twitter / pete's twitter / blog / instagram