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Snap Spotlight: Sam Hurd

All images by  Sam Hurd

All images by Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd was one of the first people we approached about speaking at SNAP and we were thrilled when he said he wanted to join us. 

One of the things we love about his work is its diversity.  He's very well known within the wedding photography community for his use of alternative photographic techniques, but look a little deeper and you'll find a photographer with a solid background as a press photographer, who has photographed everyone from George Clooney to Denzel Washington. 

We're a big fan of sharing here at SNAP and believe that sharing information makes us all stronger, more creative shooters and makes the industry a better place.  Sam regularly shares information about the techniques he uses in the form of tutorials and information he posts on his social media channels.  

Sam's workshop at SNAP will cover some of his alternative techniques, including colour spreading, prisms, lens chimping and free lensing and he'll also be running a Secret Session which we will be announcing in the New Year.

Sam will be running his workshop twice over the course of the week and we'll be holding it in our largest on site venue, as we expect it to be popular.  Capacity wise that means everyone should get a chance to see him. 

To get to know Sam a little more, check out the interview with Shotkit below and this interview on Junebug.  

Oh and we love the fact that Sam's band is called Prisms.  

Check out more of Sam's work over on his SNAP speaker page here.

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