Andrew has been photographing weddings for the past ten years and also brings his documentary approach to theatre and editorial photography. This is his third year at SNAP and his first time speaking.

In his session Andrew will take you through how he gets into a creative frame of mind and how to sustain that throughout a long wedding day. How to work on a more instinctive level when faced with the constant changing landscape of the day and how to get ‘inside’ the wedding rather than chipping away around the edges. And how to shoot your way on a wedding day with confidence and belief.

He’ll also talk about the practical things that happen before, during and after the wedding day that keep couples happy and informed and mean that he can be left alone to work his way throughout a day’s shooting.

They’ll be inspiration, practical things to apply to your business, jazz and maybe even dancing. Probably dancing.

A 'Be' and 'See' of Wedding Photography

Session description: No one can teach you how to take the photographs that you want to take but being mentally and physically prepared before you shoot can give you the way in. I want to talk about the way that I approach a wedding day. What I do so that the only thing that I'm thinking about when I'm shooting is how to creatively capture what's in front of me (and behind me, always look behind you!). How to be focused, free up the creative part of your brain and work on an instinctive level that means that you are creating the photographs that are your personal visual language. The session is full of practical things to implement in your business and whilst working - and about developing creatively as a photographer in a more instinctive aesthetic way.

After this session participants will be able to...

  • Develop their own visual language in a more confident and effective manner
  • Implement practical things into their business to make wedding days less about organising people and more about photographing them
  • Connect more with the type of clients that they want and who want them