Our 2019 line up

As well as education you can expect fire side hang outs, beach trips, countryside jaunts, a BBQ and pool party, our epic dance party and a whole load of new friends.  We'll also have yoga, massage and the chance to do some good through our SNAP Gives Back theme and partnership with I Do. 

We're announcing one speaker each week until Mid October.  Keep checking back as we add new speakers to our stellar line up!   You might also want to check our FAQs or swing by the shop to secure your place!  

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Rafal Bojar

The Session:  Every Frame a Painting

With a focus on cinematic story telling, Rafal will discuss using light and mood to create cinematic images and films.  We'll examine use of available light (both soft and hard), getting the best out of your subjects, capturing authentic emotion, driving narrative and improving your storytelling skills.  

The Speaker: 

Once upon a time, a famous traveler called love the greatest adventure. In my many years, I stopped by in countless foreign countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America. I visited many places. Wherever I went, I met incredible people, and the stunning observation was that, despite our evident differences, we all share one specific trait. Everyone – regardless of their origin – falls in love.

My name’s Rafał, and I’m passionate about visual storytelling. My style is very emotional, creative and non traditional. Pure feelings, honest emotions. True love stories. I strive to be the photographer that can capture those moments. I’ve chosen to travel around the world for my couples. There is an exceptional story inside every relationship and the wedding is a moment of its celebration.


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Elle Narbrook

 The Session: Yoga and Meditation. 

Yoga - Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, with different expectations, goals, and abilities. Elle aims to provide a safe space for students to feel empowered within their own body. Classes are suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to long-time practitioners.

Meditation - these daily meditation classes will consist of a mixture of gentle stretches, breathing practices, and guided meditation that will help to expand the breath, awakening creativity, reduce anxiety and stress and help you to relax 

The speaker: 

I’m Elle (pronounced L-E) and I’m a yoga teacher and photographer. When I started photographing professionally, I noticed the aches and pains that accompanied the job. I started using my knowledge of yoga to help myself physically and mentally. Now, I’m primarily teaching yoga while photography is my other passion.

Outside of yoga and photography, I’m your standard anxious and socially awkward human being. I like to hike (slowly), sing (terribly to songs I don’t even know all the lyrics to), dance (ridiculously) and have movie marathons eating everything out of the cupboard (aka garbage nights).