Our 2018 line up

As well as education you can expect fire side hang outs, beach trips, countryside jaunts, a BBQ and pool party, our epic dance party and 80 new friends. 
Get all the info about how it's all going to work here. 

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Kristen Kalp

The Session:  How to not take shit so personally while selling like a champion and being your freaking self, too. 
We'll explore ways to separate your *work* from your *worth,* then sell your *work* like gangbusters while leaving your *worth* completely intact.  It'll be (scary and uncomfortable and) fun!    
The Speaker: Kristen helps people tune in to the truth of who they are instead of looking to experts for answers. She’ll help you feel feels, make peace with your introverted nature, and get braver.  Instead of playing the ‘more more more’ game that’s so popular right now (had the six-figure launch a few years ago, felt even more dead inside as a result), she's playing the ‘deeper deeper deeper’ game!

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Marianne Chua

The Session: Wedding photography: a psychological minefield! 
Outsiders imagine that wedding photography is an easy job.  No one tells you is how psychologically intense and challenging it can be when you're working alone, creating personal art that needs to meet the expectations of many different people. This talk will enable photographers to recognise the common psychological hurdles specific to our business, helping to reduce burnout.   

The Speaker: Marianne is an award winning photographer in London.  As well as being a press/wedding/event/music photographer, she has a PhD in Psychology. She spends her free time wiki-ing horror films because she enjoys the plot twists but is too scared to actually watch them. Her retirement plan is to become a fishmonger.

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Don and Helen

The Session: Prioritise! Prioritise! Prioritise! - Give more importance to the most important things
Sometimes we get so wrapped up with what is mainstream, what's in high demand that we forget to pay attention, to really listen and to really feel while our couple´s story unfolds in front of us.  Don and Helen will talk about what makes a story worth telling and how we can learn to see during a session. As well as sharing their practical knowledge, they'll be leading a live shoot.

The Speakers:  Hey there! I am Don (Philippines) and together my unicorn wife Helen (Mexico) we are Don+Helen.  We are lucky to travel and witness the awesome stories of people in love... We were one of the Rangefinder 30 rising stars of 2016 and we LOVEEEEE UNICORNS AND RAINBOWSSS!!!

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Cathy Haynes

The Session: Liberating ideas and your creativity.
What can we do to fuel our creative energy? In this playful workshop, we’ll explore strategies to see afresh and unlock ideas. We’ll look at how blocks can liberate potential. We’ll explore theory with experiments and discussion, and end on a self-led creative adventure without our cameras.

The Speaker:  Cathy Haynes is a curator, artist, writer and educator. Cathy was a founding faculty member and the former Curator at The School of Life. She has also been Curator for Art on the Underground and Head of Interaction at Artangel. She studied at Cambridge and Goldsmiths.

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Chris and Verity Sansom

The Session: Docuwhat?
What is Documentary and why does that definition even matter? We'll go in depth on what we think defines Documentary, dispel a few myths and try to show you that Documentary isn't just another keyword for your website. Truly understanding what Documentary the key to producing consistent, repeatable work that will blow your clients away and keep even the most daunting of couples happy.  The Speakers: We are Chris and Verity Sansom, based in Leeds but covering weddings just about anywhere. Over the last 7 years we've  won some of the most widely recognised awards, from Junebug to Rangefinder Magazine. Most of all, over those years we've figured out what we want to shoot, and how we want to do it.

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Wyn Wiley

The Session: Portraits Through Connection
Capturing a persons personality on camera is hard enough and we're often tasked with going from zero to hero!  We need to quickly get to know our clients and then make images that show off who they are at their core. Wyn's presentation will focus on the groundwork he does before a shoot and then out in the field strategies and techniques for capturing portraits filled with personality.  

The Speaker: I'm Wyn! I'm 24 years old and call Nebraska, smack bang in the middle of the U.S.A., home. The clients I work with make my life full & some people I've taken photos for include Martha Stewart Magazine, Adidas, Red Bull, and Pepsi along with hundreds of high school seniors, couples, families and friends. I'm known for my hug-you-in-the-first-three-seconds-of-knowing-you way I live my life and I love a good karaoke session. 

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Alison Branagan

The Session: Gaining Exposure in Burst Mode

In this workshop we will develop a fresh focus on networking and creative marketing strategies. Often opportunities can be staring us in face yet our current mindset can be blind to them. To capture attention you need to be ready in terms of promotional materials whether in print or online. To gain that much needed unexpected break often means being aware of trends, understanding your industry and having the confidence to break boundaries.

The Speaker:  

Alison Branagan is an author and visual arts consultant. She is currently the Creative Enterprise Coordinator for University for the Creative Arts (UCA) for the Surrey campuses and is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

Over the last decade she has written several business start-up and enterprise books and has studied different approaches to teaching self-promotion, networking and enterprise skills. She has also devised and facilitated upon many enterprise projects for universities and business support organisations. Entrepreneurship for Creatives Summer School is one such course at Central Saint Martins.

She has a Masters degree in Applied Art and Visual Culture, is an Associate of the Institute of Consulting, a Member of the Society of Authors and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a former mentor for The Freelancer Club.

Key Publication – The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers (Second Edition)


Alex Beckett

The Session: Advanced off camera flash and lighting 
Are you looking to level up your flash work?  This session is for you.  In a practical, night time session Alex will walk you through using multi-flash set ups to create dynamic, engaging and balanced portraits.  

The Speaker: Alex is a multi-award winning, apple phobic former computer hacker who's known for his high end creative lighting.  He'll be covering some essential theory like exposure and lighting patterns, as well as showing us how to work with multi-light set ups, modifiers and gels.  Alex is an experienced teacher so he'll make sure you have a thorough understanding of his approaches before you leave.  Alex attracts couples from all over the world who book him for his creative use of light.

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Laura Babb

The Session: Oh no, not the C (critique) word! 
This session will be a positive, peer led empathetic feedback and constructive image assessment session. Kind of like critique but more life affirming.  In Oh No Not The C Word we'll be reviewing each other's images as a group. Constructive feedback will be given within a defined framework, including lots of praise and positivity so you leave feeling great about where you are and what you've achieved so far. 

The Speaker: Laura Babb is SNAP's founder and organiser, as well as shooting up to 40 weddings a year across the UK and Europe.  She's a firm believer in providing an awesome service to her clients, as well as community, sharing knowledge and pretending to do interpretive dance to Kate Bush at the SNAP party.  In 2016 she was named one of Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars. 

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Angela Ward-Brown

The Session:  Tintypes & Wet plate collodion photography

"A tintype is like a polaroid with added soul-stealing magic" This session will explore the history & use of wet plate photography and we'll examine why this aesthetic from the past is increasingly relevant in the 21st century.  This will include a practical demonstration and a quick start guide to making your own.  In an age of replication, transience & immediacy, tintypes are the antithesis of this - they require time, patience, learned skill, and knowledge.  they require much of the sitter too - there is no way you can pose, pout or grin your way through an exposure that could last up to 30 seconds. You are forced to reveal something of yourself in that very stillness. 

The speaker:   I am Angela and I have been building my photography business for around 6 years. I have an FDA in Photographic Practice and a BA in Theatre & Media. I did not attend the University Life or the School of Hard Knocks as a result of a clerical error. I also have a city & guilds lecturing qualification.  Today I shoot round 30 weddings a year & run a successful commercial photography business on the side.  I have two kids, am married, and have failed to train my terriers to be anything but tiny furry bastards. 
I really like Gordon Ramsey & I hate myself for it. I wish I had the moral strength to be vegetarian. I have an abiding love of A-Ha. I like oversharing.

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Matt Badenoch

The Session: 5 Ways to Book Awesome Clients with SEO
This will be a lively session where we'll dive straight into 5 specific SEO strategies that can help you to book more of their ideal client. For each, practical steps will be offered including examples of things that have actually been implemented by photographers in their own businesses.  This will include content marketing, backlinks, keywords, website audits and kick ass free SEO Tools.  

The Speaker: Matt is a London based wedding photographer who shoots a mixture of London, UK and destination weddings. A lot of Matt's weddings are fusion/multicultural and his style/approach is informal/natural/documentary.  He also likes to party with his clients.
image by http://piotrowskiphoto.co.uk/

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Claire Penn

The Session: Destination I Do
This session will give an insight into how Claire got started shooting destination weddings, why she chooses to do them, how they fit in with my business and personal life, and the pros and cons for you to consider. We'll cover all of the practical stuff like how to go about getting your first destination gig, marketing, portfolio, how to price them up, the planning involved, packing and gear, travel considerations and lots of other things I’ve learned along the way.

The Speaker:  In 2008, I returned home from my honeymoon in Italy with an obsession for photography… promptly sold my wedding dress and used the money to buy my first DSLR camera. After a year of shooting the cat (among other things) and a couple of years doing children and family portraits, I shot my first solo wedding in late 2011, went full time in 2012 and shot my first destination wedding in 2013. At the end of 2014 I was honoured to be named by influential Rangefinder Magazine one of the ‘30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’.


Ellie Gillard

The Session:  Light drives my work, almost entirely, whether this is natural light, or artificial light. I also often work in unusual and terribly lit urban venues and I believe that you can take a great photo (almost) anywhere. In the session and live shoot I'll discuss my approach to working with all kinds of light and how I work to turn crappy lighting into good lighting with a special emphasis on shooting the 'functional' parts of the day - bridal prep in poky rooms, speeches in dark barns and guests in orange tipis. We'll talk flash, but this isn't a flash workshop, focussing more on the the relationship between light and dark, depth and composition. It's about how to approach every day situations to create beautiful images throughout the day, not just in the parts of the day you can control. 

The Speaker: I launched Ellie Gillard photography in 2011, even in my first year, the weddings I shot were published on blogs and in magazines.  I love telling the story of a wedding day from my own artistic point of view, seeing it, feeling it, being part of it. Photographically I love golden hour, window light, dark rooms, unconventional brides and grooms and oodles of love. 


Kari Bellamy

The Session: Five Minute Family Formals
For most wedding photographers, the family pictures can be the most stressful part of photographing a wedding. This approach reduces the amount of time spent on the family photos to about five minutes for each side of the family, while still delivering a large set of formal images to the client. We'll talk about how to get your clients on board with an alternative approach to these important photos, how to make it work on the wedding day and how to use this approach to separate yourself from your competition. You'll reduce your own stress on while shooting and have a better experience for your clients and their families as well. Best of all, there's no list of family pictures from the client.  

The Speaker: I’m Kari and although I speak with a bit of a ‘yank’ accent, I’m a London-based wedding photographer. I moved to the UK in 2010, and from there I built my UK wedding photography business from scratch. I currently live in London with my husband and my cat, and when I'm not in the middle of wedding season, I enjoy gardening, boardgames, vintage shopping and a good G&T.


Jamie Sia Gadong

The Session: Flash isn't scary! The use of flash can be a scary thing for photographers who are more comfortable with natural light, and it really doesn't have to be!  This session will cover using simple flash set ups to light different aspects of a wedding, from dancing to creative portraits.  We'll cover shutter dragging, long exposures, light painting, dance floor photos and creative portraits during a practical live shoot.  We'll also cover troubleshooting when it doesn't quite turn out as expected!

The Speaker:  I'm Jamie. My passion for photography started at an early age but it was me being in front of the camera and not behind it. I love superheroes and sci-fi and used to read comics when I was younger, it’s become rather fashionable these days – which makes me look even cooler! Well at least I keep telling myself that... Most of all (aside from my family) I love photography, looking at it, doing it, teaching it. It truly is my passion. The guy with the bow tie. 


Elly Lucas

The Session: Channel That Angst.  Ok, so, dramatic title, but pretty fitting. Put simply: I rolled into my work as a photographer because I had to do something which might help her make sense of my (decidedly fizzy) brain. During this talk I'll guide you through a series of logical, step-by-step processes and practical exercises I now use to help wake up my creativity and funnel what I'm feeling into my work; whether it's to create something personal or to pour into the concepts I'm repeatedly asked to come up with for clients. I'll also discuss the benefits of diversifying your skill set to help you achieve the concepts you create.  After this session you'll have  simple techniques that you can use to style an image, boosting your confidence as makers and your ability to create concept-driven work of your own volition.  

The Speaker: Elly Lucas is a photographer and designer based in Sheffield. Specialising in portraiture, her work has been described as ethereal, folksy and, to her delight, “like waking up and remembering the last fragments of your most beautiful dreams”. Spurred on by her fascination with people and nature, Elly takes great joy in capturing her subjects with imagination and personality. Alongside the creation of the photos and/or artwork for more than seventy releases on the music scene to date, Elly's eye for detail has also led to her imagery being featured in a wide range of international media and a variety of brand collaborations - as well as appearing in an exhibition on the walls of the Royal Albert Hall.


Shelley Richmond

The Session: Retouching for Wedding Photographers.  

This is a practical editing session and through demonstration and exercises we'll cover simple retouching methods that are extremely useful tools for wedding photographers. We'll start with the basics: getting it right in camera, to avoid unnecessary retouching and we'll cover flattering angles, light and shadows, the ethical side of retouching and what to steer clear of.  We'll then do a live edit and work through exercises to get your retouching up to speed. 

The Speaker:  

Shelley is a photographer and social entrepreneur.  She runs several projects, businesses and charities and is always interested in growing her portfolio of projects. Shelley has run workshops over the past two years, securing funding from the National Lottery A4A program in order to run free workshops for unemployed people and those on low incomes. She also runs www.goaldiggers.org.uk


Hannah Hall

The Session: Pouring YOU in your business and creating a positive brand experience.  During this session I will share my experience of rebranding my business, including what went on behind the scenes, my thought process and share my approach to creating a positive brand experience for my clients. We'll take a look at what makes me tick and how I share that with my clients and explore ways in which you can pour more of yourself into your business to ensure that your current and potential clients love everything about you and choose you over your competition. We'll also look at the ways we passively market ourselves while we're busy doing our brand thing - bonus!

The Speaker: I first picked up a camera not long after my daughter was born, and less than two years later found myself shooting a wedding, somewhat by accident. Thankfully that accident was a happy one, and I left my reasonably successful but utterly frustrating career as a classroom music teacher to be a photographer full time. My obsessions include mustard yellow, Game of Thrones, poor interior design and buying prints that I will never frame or hang on the walls. 


Elle Narbrook

 The Session: Yoga and Meditation. 

For 2018 we'll be providing complimentary yoga and meditation classes. 

Yoga - Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, with different expectations, goals, and abilities. Elle aims to provide a safe space for students to feel empowered within their own body. Classes are suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to long-time practitioners.

  • Class 1: Let Go and Embrace: Slow down, be present, and give yourself a hug.

  • Class 2: Dancing Warriors: explore yoga on and off of the mat as we lower our guard, and move our bodies without restraint. (ridiculous dancing may ensue)

Meditation - these daily meditation classes will consist of a mixture of gentle stretches, breathing practices, and guided meditation that will help to expand the breath, awakening creativity, reduce anxiety and stress and help you to relax 

The speaker: 

I’m Elle (pronounced L-E) and I’m a yoga teacher and photographer. When I started photographing professionally, I noticed the aches and pains that accompanied the job. I started using my knowledge of yoga to help myself physically and mentally. Now, I’m primarily teaching yoga while photography is my other passion.

Outside of yoga and photography, I’m your standard anxious and socially awkward human being. I like to hike (slowly), sing (terribly to songs I don’t even know all the lyrics to), dance (ridiculously) and have movie marathons eating everything out of the cupboard (aka garbage nights).


Jacob Loafman

The Session:  Everywhere is awesome - bringing your creativity with you everywhere.  During this live shoot, Jacob will help attendees to explore their own creativity and to practically use it to generate ideas and create awesome images in challenging circumstances. We are told to 'be different' or 'be unique' but how do you actually approach that, especially when shooting in less than desirable circumstances or backdrops? These sessions will push you to to create with a different mindset and step outside of your comfort zone. We will work together to explore the ideas that live inside your mind and then bring them to life, free from the fear of reactions from clients and peers. 

The speaker:  

A little about me in two words, silly and mysterious. That is how I view myself. Probably more silly than mysterious, but I do like to incorporate a bit of mystery into my work. A few personal things? Sure. I enjoy a good night’s sleep as much as I enjoy destroying tacos for lunch. I sometimes act like I am the lead singer of a rock band in front of the bathroom mirror while getting ready for the day. I create lyrics to television theme songs that are all about my dog. My favorite pastime is dancing in the car. I want to travel more. I still can’t find a good, reliable shampoo. I purchase shoes maybe once or twice per year. Teen wolf is a great film. I enjoy helping people.